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I am.

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Are you bored? I am.

This is the first moment in a long time that I'm feeling super excited to share something with you.

First of all, I gotta say this: we are not selling just clothes. We are selling our character, our attitude, our thoughts, vision, creativity, stories and everything else that inspires our productivity. When these concepts turn into products, they get re-valued by the appreciation of you.

It was great to know you personally, especially in the recent years because of our flagship store and us being there for the most of the time. Then, due to Covid-19 and issues related to it, we lost that kind of organic connection with you. I gotta say this, I am not happy with the new Digital World Order. Being stuck in the algorithms of social media apps is something we faced as a brand. The musts and mustn'ts to be able to connect with our own people in the so called(!) free world suck. We don't want to watch a youtube video that instructs "how to reach more people on Instagram in 2021" to let you know what we are doing. That kind of connection does not feel genuine at all. In the last few weeks, we were in the mood of not sharing too much on our social media accounts because we felt exhausted.

So, we decided to start a project called "I am". It is actually more than just a project, something that we are adapting to Polypop's genetics. This page will be the central station of the whole idea. This is going to be the place, the area that would be our own meeting point. This page is dedicated to you and us.

Stay safe, stay connected!


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