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We Are What We Are

Poly comes from Greek. It means “many”.

The name Polypop reflects our “Diversity over conformity” mindset.

Polypop supports the idea of having non-stereotypical, diverse societies.

We craft the products to use as a weapon of information, to manifest our vision

and share it with our international community.

How We Do It

The concept comes first.

Ideas turn into silhouettes, the best ones survive to the next stage.

Fabric hunt begins. We usually spend most of our time at suppliers, searching for original materials.

Fabrics get cut out according to the fits, and first samples got sewn.

After we confirm the samples, a lot more fabrics get cut.

Different parts of the products are taken to the printing and embroidery studios to get pimped.

Every piece of the products come back, and got sewn all together.

Production finishes with the ironing, quality controlling, and packaging.

How We Ship It

Our main warehouse is in Istanbul, Turkey.

Another warehouse in the Netherlands expected to be opened a year ago, due to the pandemic, we delayed the opening to a future date.

So, at this moment every order comes out from our warehouse in Istanbul.

We double-check your order and pack it with some small extras to get a smile on your face.

Your order is handed to one of the trustful delivery companies, depending on which country you are in.

We let you know what’s going on with your package, so that you can track it easily.

How We Care

Of course it’s up to you, but we always feel better if you share your thoughts with us.

Because that’s how things grow up.

Let us know what we are doing good, bad and ugly, and help us to get better.

Be a part of our family, that’s how we stand up!

How We Supply Our Dealers

We established a new company in the Netherlands, just before the pandemic started.

This company’s (Polypop B.V.) main goal is to distribute Polypop to its dealers in the EU.

At this moment, we offer two options to our partners. Direct shipping from Istanbul, or buying from our Dutch company.

We have a contracted freight forwarder, working as our partner with special prices. You can get your order via sea, air, or by road. 


POGO LTD. CO. (Main/Worldwide)

Tax ID: 7300359107

Hasanpasa Mah. A.Halim Memduh Sk. No:16/A

Kadıköy, Istanbul, Turkey

POLYPOP B.V. (The Netherlands Office)

KVK No: 77296494

Keizersgracht 391 A 

1016EJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

FREE WILL D.O.O. (EU only)

Tax ID: SI69142467

Stihova 13

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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